Should Marijuana Be Legal Since Alcohol Is and Why Should It Remain Illegal While Alcohol Is Legal

Using sample papers to outline the introduction, and a conclusion can help with writing the marijuana legalization essays. Calls for legalizing marijuana have been countered by vocal opposition from people advocating for the drug to be kept illegal since it has many negative effects.

The more potent marijuana is the higher the increases of cannabis-related harms such as psychotic and anxiety effects. Legalizing the drug would make it possible for the government to monitor the content of the drug just as alcohol content in beverages is monitored. This would reduce the health risks that result from high potent marijuana. A new national survey has shown that the majority believe that individual states should regulate marijuana usage. Even though the drug is federally illegal, 21 states have permitted medical usage while 11 states allow recreational use. Experts say that states will continue to regulate the usage of marijuana in an accelerated fashion regardless of what federal law states.

Reason on Why Marijuana Should Be Legal Argumentative Essay

Last but not least when it comes to medical or recreational marijuana the way the states can keep track of how much is being sold is through taxes. Even though some states do not tax medical marijuana they do however tax recreational marijuana. At rates such as 15%,17%, or 37% with these taxes states are able to fund community programs, education, and law enforcement.

We should regulate the market on both the state and federal levels so that customers can be aware of safe dosages and be free of worries of contamination by buying only authorized product. From the pre-writing step to researching and composing the bibliography, have the main points of your essay on marijuana in mind. While Republicans and Democrats differ greatly on whether marijuana should be legal for medial and recreational use, there are also age divides within each party. Pew Research Center asked this question to track public views about the legal status of marijuana. Everyone who took part in this survey is a member of the Center’s American Trends Panel , an online survey panel that is recruited through national, random sampling of residential addresses.

Three reasons marijuana should be legal

A major concern by the public is the link between drug use and involvement in crime. Opponents of legalization state that marijuana would result in citizens, especially the youth, engaging in criminal activities as a result of drug use. This stereotypical view is unfounded as research indicates that marijuana use does not play an important role in fostering a general involvement in crime. 88% of marijuana arrests are for possession, not even for manufacturing or distributing. Marijuana is a natural and safe herb that has been used for centuries to treat various medical conditions.

Increased tax revenues, job growth, and investment opportunities all are powerful incentives to push for legalization. The major active chemical in marijuana is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol , which causes the mind-altering effects of marijuana intoxication. The amount of THC determines the potency and, therefore, the effects college essay editing service of marijuana.1 . By contrast, two identical-looking marijuana cigarettes could produce quite different effects, even if smoked by the same per son. If one of the cigarettes were made mostly from leaves and the other from flower tops, for instance, they would probably contain different amounts of active chemicals.

Benefits of Marijuana Legalization

At the start of the 18th century, Europe was introduced to marijuana when it was brought to the continent by Indian and African travelers,… Marijuana, also known as “Nugs”, “Ganja”, “African bush” are law dissertation help only a few of the street names given to the drug. The terms refer to various forms which compose of dried flowering composites that includes seeds, stems and leaves derived from the Cannabis plant.

Aristotle’s principle of moderation in all things applies to use of marijuana as it does to alcohol. However, you should pick an essay title that draws the attention of the readers while preparing them for the argument. Make sure that your readers know your stance immediately they read the title.

How to Write Essay About Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

Also, marijuana is a schedule 1 drug that is the same level as LSD and heroin and that is not changing anytime soon. There is a lawyer who fights for the legalization of marijuana on his free time because he says it is just to get high. Now there is an issue in current society and it has became online dissertation writing services legal again in most northern states and petitions in southern states. Memory impairment is a good enough reason to oppose legalization of marijuana. Long-term effects of marijuana use include addiction as well as increased risk of developing bronchitis, schizophrenia, and depression .

  • It is actually easier for many high school students to obtain marijuana than it is for them to obtain alcohol, because alcohol is legal and therefore regulated to keep it away from kids.
  • Longtime marijuana users show poorer outcomes on a range of life satisfaction and achievement measures than non-users .
  • It discusses relevant public policy perspectives and the land use issues facing the Portland region today.
  • It was found later that the death rate due to marijuana consumption had decreased by over 30% after legalization.
  • While elements of this maybe true, the way the plant is administered and under what circumstances are very important for health benefits.

While very small shares of adults of any age are completely opposed to the legalization of the drug, older adults are far less likely than younger ones to favor legalizing it for recreational purposes. The STATES Act was meant to protect people and companies who obeyed state marijuana laws from federal drug enforcement. The ICF study estimates at least 81,000 additional direct, indirect, and induced jobs in California as a result of legalized marijuana sales. It also projects an increase in total labor income by at least $3.5 billion. On the other hand, Arizona has collected more than $284 million of tax revenue since the legalization of marijuana in the state. Over the past several years, states have been voting to decriminalize marijuana, making it legal for both medicinal and recreational purposes—and also making it a big business. Taking a leaf out of Colorado or Washington’s book, four states—New Jersey, South Dakota, Montana, and Arizona—passed measures in 2022 to make marijuana consumption for recreational purposes legal.

Legalizing Cannabis at the Federal Level Could Benefit Public Health Heres Why

Nevertheless, it can cause anger, aggression, irritability, anxiety, nervousness, decreased appetite, and sleep difficulties. It can also cause physical symptoms such as headaches, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. We are learning that higher concentrations of THC increase not only the chance of withdrawal but the severity of it. The possibly provocative nature of this topic provides a chance to write a fail-safe hook for your essay. The introduction should be based on the sentiments that your title expresses.

  • Patients can grow their plants but only if they have a prescription from a physician .
  • As against this, Colorado has shown signs of decreased property damage and violence by marijuana users.
  • Whether you’re for or against marijuana legalization, finding information to support your stance should be easy.

When the results of a group of studies are summarized, readers are referred to the relevant pages of the IOM report for more information and complete references. In a few instances, where more recent survey data became available after the IOM report was published, the most current information is used. For more than a year, researchers from the IOM—an arm of the National Academy of Sciences, which acts as an independent adviser to the federal government—compiled and assessed a broad range of information on the subject.

Argumentative Why Marijuanas Should Be Legal in Australia

Making medical cannabis a good solution due to the low-risk factors and high benefits. The medicinal potential of marijuana is being recognized around the world. Although marijuana remains prohibited in most countries, countries such as Germany, why should marijuana be legal essay Finland, Israel, and Canada are some that have taken the bold steps to allow the use of medical marijuana. As mentioned above, over 25 states in the United States have amended their laws to legalize the medical use of marijuana.

why should marijuana be legal essay

Currently, the market is unregulated and dealers are constantly increasing the potency of the drug so as to attract more customers. The potency of marijuana is changed by altering the major active chemical in marijuana, THC, which is the component that causes the mind-altering effects of marijuana intoxication. The government uses significant amounts of resources in enforcing its laws against marijuana.

Marijuana Decriminalization in all States

For example, Vermont and Connecticut are the only states that have set THC potency limits for both cannabis flower and concentrates, according to USC researchers. I find that allowing firms to enter freely at Washington’s current marijuana tax rate increases total surplus by 21.5% relative to a baseline simulation of Washington’s license quota regime. Geographic misallocation and random allocation of licenses account for 6.6\% and 65.9\% of this difference, respectively. Coupled with this change in potency is the invasion of drug cartels into rural California growing higher-concentration plants. This is not your ma and pop plot of 50 plants of the variety the baby boomers smoked in the ’70s.

why should marijuana be legal essay

In my medical practice, when I saw teenage boys for breast enlargement, I always asked them if they were smoking a lot of grass. If they were, I explained how the THC could be contributing and that they should give it up for six months before we decided on surgery. I explained that if they quit the marijuana, the breast enlargement might reside on its own. The Secure And Fair Enforcement Banking Act would provide legal cannabis companies with easier access to funds from financial institutions. Oregon Measure 109 creates a program for administration of psilocybin products, including so-called “magic mushrooms,” to individuals 21 and older in a clinical setting.

Other people develop tolerance to the effects related to marijuana use and can perform their tasks normally. The medical value of marijuana is the rationale behind the medical legalization of marijuana in many States including California.

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