Fernando Carvalho Got Married – What is going to Probably Happen?

Fernando Carvalho is a disabled candidate for the 104th Procedure. He is the only physically impaired individual in the entire method, which explains why he is in the infamous 104th Process. Inspite of his inability to walk, Fernando is a goal-oriented and hardworking young man. Furthermore to his passion pertaining to justice, he as well believes in equality and the Founding Couple attitudes.

An important a part of his life was spent on the 104th Process. This included his father’s part in bringing him in and also his period like a follower. At the start, Fernando thought it was all a game right up until he saw his own personal face over the television. Consequently, he realized that his father had been trying to convince him to join the Cause.

As for the various other candidates, these were locked within their room. They were interrogated one by one. While they were awaiting their turn, they were given a number of clues. One important thing they were competent to glean from the test was your fact that it will be easy to put together eight other folks into a cube.

Nevertheless , it was rather than an easy job. They had to do it in less than a few minutes. To make is important worse, the task was a bit of a pain inside the behind.

During their time along, Michele and Fernando had a few passionate kisses. After a while, the two of them opted they had determined their mate. That night, they distributed a wine bottle. Following that, Michele suggested they should try to focus on a new program together.

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